eCommerce with Ease

Digital Gold’s mission is to enable a successful digital transformation of sales and marketing also for small and medium sized companies. As a consequence, we have chosen a radically new approach to the eCommerce platform. Members are up-and running within a few hours after joining the platform. The platform provides:

  • Set-up of a customized, visually appealing eShop within minutes
  • Easy integration of branding and key visuals
  • Clear and well structured layout 
  • Creating and configuring products / services offered with a few clicks
  • Check-out functionality already built-in
  • Tools for transactions between buyer and seller are immediately available

We understand that creating a digital experience for our members’ customers is more than setting-up an eShop and displaying products.  Therefore, we dedicate an experienced Digital Gold consultant to each member.  Your consultant will support you with:

  • Analysis of the commercial strategy
  • Definition of target customers
  • Digitalization of the offering, particularly of services offered
  • Development of new business and acquisition of new customers
  • Analysis of supplies and optimization of purchase-processes and costs
The administration of the Golden Coin Tokens is absolutely effortless. Members get a free wallet app for the smartphone, which allows them to track all transactions and to sign-off Token payments.
Members don’t need to be an expert or even enthusiast of digital cash in order to benefit from its disruptive advantages. Under the hood, trading on the platform is enabled by advanced, state-of the art enterprise-grade blockchain technology. The Digital Gold solution, developed by our tech-partner Adamantic, is optimized for transaction performance, throughput, and low transaction costs. It is runs on the STARK data chain, which is based on the well proven, open-source Hyperledger Fabric project of the Linux foundation.