Private Blockchain for enterprise “STARK DataChain”

Following the analysis of the usability of the Platform, the following focal points to which the blockchain must respond have been identified:

  • Need for transactional performance;
  • Need to manage costs without the involvement of end-users on the payment of transactional or gas transaction fees;
  • Need to make specific business flow developments independent from external technological contexts (“public” networks);
  • Need for authorized management of access to the Platform (detailed database of users);
  • Need to comply with the GDPR for sensitive data.


On these premises, the project should be based on a network of dedicated, independent, and enterprise-grade nodes that can work by guaranteeing blockchain certification services without the intervention of external miners and the technological involvement of the Manager and/or his Partners. These are dynamics that ADAMANTIC began to research upon some time ago and have led to the definition of an innovative blockchain architecture expressly dedicated to enterprises.

This network is now growing up and it’ll be able to guarantee the establishment of individual autonomous blockchain networks, which fully meet the specific needs of the individual project. Thanks to this infrastructure it is possible to develop the business logic of the project starting from the Hyperledger Fabric source (Linux Foundation) and customizing its use to respond to the flow of business through a special currency. This currency would be coined through autonomous mechanisms and features under the direct exclusive control of the stakeholders of the blockchain network.