Solving the Digital Challenge

Getting ahead of competition

„Digital leaders in B2B achieve up to five times the revenue growth of their peers lagging behind in digitalization“ (Jochen Böringer, McKinsey, 2019)

How can a small or medium-size organization leapfrog digitalization of their B2B sales, marketing, and supply chain?

Digital Gold is a one-stop shop, offering all you need to master digital transformation: An innovative channel for digital sales, enabling faster acquisition of customers, and access to reliable, quality suppliers. It combines an easy-to-use e-commerce platform with dedicated, personal support and cutting-edge technology under the hood.

With Digital Gold, members join an ecosystem with unique benefits:

B2B transactions are typically larger than B2C, more complex, and often cross-border. Keeping these factors in mind, the paramount importance of trusted relationships between buyers and sellers becomes clear. However, it is a challenge for buyers and sellers to quickly and efficiently connect. Often, the time invested in seeking out the right business partner is wasted. The issue of trust and credibility is compounding this problem.

After spending days or weeks seeking out the proper seller and product – how can a buyer gauge their integrity? Likewise, how can a seller ensure he or she will be properly paid for the products and services provided? In short, the underlying problem in B2B is trust. And a reliable mechanism to ensure such trust has long been lacking.  

Digital Gold has created the solution for this problem: The platform enables direct, peer-to-peer transactions between members (seller and buyer) that are secured by Smart Contracts technology.  Further, ratings and recommendations of members on the platform help to assess reliability and trustworthiness. 

As a consequence, members benefit from lower customer acquisition costs and a trusted network.