The Digital Gold Solution

The next generation e-commerce

Digital Gold is a next-generation e-commerce platform. It embraces the following key functionalities, without any need of coding:

1) Creation of a customized eShop on the platform, featuring the member organization’s brand logo and brand imagery, and providing basic information about the vendor.

2) Visualisation and configuration of the member’s offering on the marketplace. Both services and tangible products can easily be “digitized” and listed in the member’s eShop. Users have the opportunity to define different product variants, optional features, stock units, and pricing.

3) Exploring products and services that are offered on the platform, by category and vendors, with its convenient search engine.

4) Buying products and services directly on the platform, from configuration to check-out. Members settle the transaction by paying (partly) with Golden Coin Tokens, partly with Euros. The Token payment is executed end-to-end, secured by Smart Contracts.

5) Acquiring Golden Coins against Euros, in order to start trading on the platform.

6) Reviewing reports on sales, stock units, and customer analytics.

Unlike the well-known e-commerce platforms, such as Shopify or Spryker, setting up an eShop on Digital Gold, with all the products offered, does not need any expertise in IT, software or coding. Nevertheless, your dedicated consultant will stand by your side during the whole journey.


Cutting-edge technology

Digital Gold is based on the “Stark Data Chain” blockchain and an encrypted, centralized proprietary database for storing private information.

The platform serves the creation, trade, and exchange of goods and services through the application of a smart contract system (SCS).

The blockchain-based SCS works in a similar way to tokens. The user can acquire, create, transfer and claim ownership.


Two types of membership

1) The Regular Members use the platform for trading goods and services amongst each other. They are invited to actively participate in the Digital Gold Community Network and to provide suggestions for the further evolution of the marketplace.

2) The so-called “Wise Founders” establish the trading rules, and from time to time evolve them as required to improve the attractiveness of the marketplace and to warrant long-term sustainability.


There are two types of membership with the Digital Gold marketplace.

Both types have distinct roles, opportunities and obligations.

Wise Founders

The number of Wise Founders remains limited to 12, unless they unanimously decide to accept new Wise Members at terms and token acquisition price which they shall also unanimously determine.

Regular Members

Regular Members are admitted during any time  on request.

All new Regular Members are obliged to acquire Golden Coin Tokes, which they will use to start trading on the platform.

The Golden Coin Tokens are acquired at the current token price, valid for the period within which they are effectively admitted to the Platform.


What type of participants? Who sets the rules and who applies them?

Wise Founders

Regular Members