The Digital Gold Solution

Digital Gold will create an open system based on the Stark Data Chain blockchain and an encrypted centralised proprietary database for storing private information, both of which will serve the creation, trade and exchange of goods and services through the application of smart contract system (SCS), and the whole set of services and functionalities which are not immediately necessary but nevertheless needed for the complete functioning of the platform. 

The blockchain-based SCS works in a similar way to tokens. The user can acquire, create, transfer and claim ownership.

The B2B marketplace as per its initial conceptualisation shall consist of two types of members: (1) Wise founders and (2) Regular members.

The Wise founders establish the rules and from time to time amend them as required to maintain adequacy, marketplace equilibrium and long-term sustainability.

The Regular members shall abide by the rules and may from time to time suggest amendments for consideration, discussion and enaction by the wise members.


The platform and its underlying club comprise two classes of members – Wise founders and Regular members.

Both classes will have equal platform and rights.

However, the Wise founders will reserve the right to set the rules guided by the common interest of platform participation.

Wise Founders

The Wise founders are 12 and are expected to remain limited to 12 unless they unanimously decide to accept new wise members at terms and token acquisition price which they shall also unanimously determine.

Regular Members

Regular members shall be admitted during any time after the launch of the platform.

All new regular members shall be obliged to acquire tokens.

Such tokens shall be acquired at the current token price valid for the period within which they are effectively admitted to the Platform.


What type of partecipants? Who sets the rules and who follows them?

Wise Founders

Regular Members