The First of a kind

The Business Model

Digital Gold relies on a well-designed, thought-out business model. Its core elements are concept-proven in other business cases. The business model will constantly evolve to best serve the needs of  its member organisations,  its ecosystem, and the platform.

The ultimate drivers for members to join are: 

1) the need to obtain access to a secure, efficient, future-proof platform for trading of goods and services.

2) the challenge to grow their customer base and get access to reliable suppliers.

3) the opportunity to settle transactions of trades (acquire, sell) with a combination of digital means of payment (Tokens) and Fiat Money.

4) the opportunity to acquire Golden Coin Tokens that are expected to appreciate when the platform grows

The rationale

Members are incentivized to acquire Golden Coin Tokens (GCX),  and exchange Golden Coin Tokens for goods and services. This motivation accelerates the trade volume on the Digital Gold marketplace, and enhances liquidity of the market.

The Digital Gold Platform will be the first to provide the opportunity for members joining the platform as first movers to benefit from the expected appreciation of the Golden Coin Token as a result of the growth of the platform. 

The Platform will become the easiest and adequately secure and manageable way to trade goods and services.

The more a member transacts on the platform, the more they will benefit from the ecosystem we have created together.