The First of a kind

Digital Gold is the first goods and services-trading platform on blockchain with a set of rules for its platform digital token usage and appreciation.

Digital Gold is to change the way its members transact and handle trades with other members of the platform, handle and utilise their produced goods and services and acquired platform tokens.

We build the ecosystem that will provide people with advanced trading tools and incentives for interaction and engagement to acquire access to other members, utilise their existing goods and services, invest in utility tokens and exchange utility tokens for goods and services.

The Platform will become the easiest and adequately secure and manageable way to trade goods and services.

It will be the fastest way to make the most of one’s portfolio of products and services saving time and effort to gain access to members with the objective of placing or acquiring goods and services that are traded on the platform.

The more a member transacts on the platform, the more they will benefit from the ecosystem we have created together.

As a first priority Digital Gold aims to create the ultimate tool for exchange and trading of goods and services which involves the functionality for the interchange of tokens and goods by members in an environment that is secure, transparent, fair and under the control of the participating users.

Realistic Business Model

Digital Gold relies on a well-designed, though-out business model that has borrowed propositions that are concept-proven in other businesses that cater for similar business needs. The business model will constantly evolve to best serve the needs of the platform, its ecosystem and member users.

The ultimate attractors of user base are:

The opportunity to earn income from token appreciation and place goods and services on the Platform is expected to become a very strong mix of motivating drivers.

The Digital Gold Platform will be the first one to provide the opportunity for members investing in utility and means of exchange tokens and holding them in a portfolio with the potential of earning through their appreciation and exchanging them for goods and services. The ultimate goal of Digital Gold is to create an ever-expanding ecosystem in trading members, with token escalating price mechanism and utility earning opportunity.