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Why are digital leaders in B2B growing faster?

What can I learn from most recent research of McKinsey, Gartner, etc.?

What do the new generation B2B buyers expect from their suppliers?

How can I go digital without investing in coding and IT?

How does Digital Gold help me to grow B2B sales?

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Who We Are

Digital Gold is a B2B e-commerce platform for goods and services trading. The Digital Gold marketplace gets you directly in touch with customers and prospects.

Our multi-vendor B2B platform is the first of its kind: A digital marketplace for select, high profile members with guaranteed quality of products and services. Members exchange goods and services in the exclusive, innovative ecosystem. Smart Contracts and the Golden Coin Token facilitate efficient, fast and secure transactions.

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How it works

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Solving the Digital Challenge

Digital leaders outgrow their competition lagging behind. Becoming a member of Digital Gold, you will master the Digital Transition. The marketplace is designed to solve the challenges of modern B2B trading: customer acquisition costs, speed, reliability, and a trusted network.

Golden Coins Create Value

The Golden Coin Token facilitates the purchase of goods and services offered in the marketplace. The token reduces the costs and time of transactions and makes them trustworthy and secure.  Members holding Tokens benefit from the increased purchase power over time.

E-commerce with Ease

The Digital Gold e-commerce Platform is unique in its convenience, user-friendly tools, and quick set-up. It allows creating a digital customer experience without investment into time and resources. Both seller and buyer benefit from huge efficiency gains.