Digital Gold Token

Price of Token

The wise founder revise and set the price of the tokens every six months. The price of the token is intended to increase gradually over time. At each revision of price of the token the new increased price shall be determined by the wise members.

The price set by the wise members shall apply to the initial sale of tokens to new members, subsequent sale of tokens to existing members, and the value at which the tokens shall be accepted as a consideration for transactions performed on the platform.

The intended pattern of evolution of price is presented in the following sequence with an increase to take place every six month:

Initial Issuance:

Tokens shall be issued to the Wise Founding Members prior to the start of actual operations of the platform.

Each joining regular member shall be issued tokens amounting in value to between 0.5% and 7% of his last turnover with the exact percentage being left to the joining member’s discretion.

Subsequent issuance

Regular members will be entitled to purchase subsequently additional tokens from the Platform, which will be equivalent to new issuance.

Tokens reserved for DG

Upon each and every issuance an amount of tokens will also be issued to the Platform wise founders to remunerate their efforts to found, operate and sustain the Platform.

Exchange for fiat currency

Exchange for fiat is not allowed and shall not be provided for on the Platform.

Acquisition and cashing out mechanisms

As exchange for fiat is not allowed and shall not be supported on the Platform, any member that decides to cash out token holdings will have to do so via goods and services traded on the Platform.

In this way enough liquidity is ensured for goods and services traded on the Platform.