Core Idea


The core idea behind Digital Gold is to bring the interaction between a select class of Buyer, Seller and Token Holder to a radically new level and provide a market-place for the exchange of goods and services for a select group of members who provide a good fit with each other and meet a certain set of criteria that shall guarantee the quality, exclusivity, and formation of an elite club of participants.

The platform is intended to provide benefits to all participating users in their interchanging roles of sellers, token-holders, and buyers.

The platform is founded by 12 Wise Founders who have established its concept, business model, and rules at inception and reserve the right to amend them from time to time with the core objective of maintaining the attractiveness of the Digital Gold Platform as a trading venue for goods and service and to ensure its sustainable development and evolution.

Therefore the Twelve Wise Founders build a flexible blockchain- based platform that will allow participants to combine their tools and achieve the desired results. Digital Gold will change the way how its members sell to and buy from each other as well as their buying and selling, making it more efficient and valuable. 

Essence of Digital Gold Platform

Most often, B2B sales:

Members Join

Purchase DG Tokens equal to 0.5% - 7% of their last reported turnover. Gain access to a marketplace for selling and buying of goods and services.

Members Use Tokens

To partially pay for goods and services traded on the platform. To cover transactions costs on the Platform.​

Members Hold Tokens

To gain from the increase in the token price. To continue benefiting from the Platform and its exclusivity.​

The Internet has changed business in the past 20 years.

The B2B sales and marketing are among the most affected. B2B is no longer driven solely by personal deals as it once was.

In fact, statistics show that buyers’ preferences are drastically moving away from the traditional buyer-seller relationship.

One major reason is that the buyers of today are not the buyers of the post-industrial generation.

Buyers and sellers now are cyber-comfortable and accustomed to using technology on a daily basis.