Core Idea

The challenge

The digital transformation is challenging many incumbent B2B business models. Leaders NOW need to shift their sales to digital channels, for these 4 key reasons:

1) The traditional sales approach focusing on in-person meetings and a powerful sales force has become too expensive. Do you know what it costs you to win a new customer?

2) Recent surveys amongst decision makers indicate that Millennials expect digital interactions and channels for the purchase of goods and services – as they have learnt in their role as consumers.

3) The supply chain has become a challenge most recently. The risk of inferior quality of purchased  goods and services is increasing. Leaders should know what it costs to identify a reliable, quality provider

4) B2B transactions are larger and more complex than B2C transactions. Delayed payment, and high transaction costs tamper cash-flow of B2B businesses.

The solution

Digital Gold innovates the way how businesses trade goods and services.  Digital Gold is a marketplace for select, high profile member companies. Members trade goods and services amongst each other on the platform. This is your opportunity to join the ecosystem of the future!

Members joining the Digital Gold marketplace immediately get access to new, high profile customers. Moreover, the Digital Gold team actively develops the B2B network, and supports members to get their customers and suppliers onto the marketplace. As a member, you massively reduce cost and time required to win new customers!

The execution of transactions on the Digital Gold platform is truly disruptive: The internal digital means of payment, called Golden Coin, allows to settle transactions directly between members, in a fast, cost-efficient and secure way. Smart Contracts, based on enterprise-grade blockchain technology, ensure seamless, guaranteed execution. 

Digital Gold is an eCommerce platform that enables the easy, convenient set-up of eShops with a few clicks. Products, including pricing and options, are easily configured. As a member, your sales go digital, without any need to invest into IT, software or coding!

The Digital Gold consultant, dedicated to you, supports your digital growth initiative, carrying out business strategy analysis, customer target definition, new business development, supply analysis and optimisation of purchases and costs. A sales force of > 100 continuously onboards new members and boosts the platform.

The platform will revolutionize B2B trading, driving growth, while reducing costs, risk, and time.

Essence of Digital Gold Platform

Three easy steps

Members Join

purchasing Digital Gold Tokens equal to 0.5% - 7% of their last reported turnover, to gain access to a marketplace for selling and buying of goods and services.

Members Use Tokens

to partially pay for goods and services traded on the platform, and to cover transactions costs on the Platform.

Members Hold Tokens

to gain from the gradual increase in the token price, and to continue benefiting from the Platform and its exclusivity.

The Internet has changed business in the past 20 years.

The B2B sales and marketing are among the most affected. B2B is no longer driven solely by personal deals as it once was.

In fact, statistics show that buyers’ preferences are drastically moving away from the traditional buyer-seller relationship.

One major reason is that the buyers of today are not the buyers of the post-industrial generation.

Buyers and sellers now are cyber-comfortable and accustomed to using technology on a daily basis.