Stay ahead of the competition - go digital now with your B2B offering.

B2B businesses will see an ever faster digitalization in the coming few years. Digital Gold is your first, easy, and convenient step to start your digital selling shift.

Digital Gold is a B2B e-commerce platform for goods and services trading. The Digital Gold marketplace gets you directly in touch with customers and prospects.

Our multi-vendor B2B platform is the first of its kind: A digital marketplace for select, high profile members with guaranteed quality of products and services. Members exchange goods and services in the exclusive, innovative ecosystem. Smart Contracts and the Golden Coin Token facilitate efficient, fast and secure transactions.


Core Idea

The exclusive club of members trades goods and services amongst each other in a 100% digital, efficient and secure way. The internal digital means of payment, Golden Coins, facilitates immediate settlement and motivates members to trade more and more on the platform.



Members benefit from exclusive access to new customers and trusted quality suppliers. The opportunity to earn income from trading of goods and services on the platform will drive the growth of the marketplace.



The e-commerce platform allows members to set-up their customized eShop with a few clicks only. Products and services can be configured with ease. Smart Contracts execute and settle trades fast and without risk. The encrypted, proprietary database guarantees privacy of information.


Golden Coins

The trades on the platform are (partially) settled with Golden Coin Tokens, which represent a given value in Euros without volatility. The wise founders revise and set the price of the Token every six months. Thus, members are expected to benefit from a gradual increase of the Token value over time.

How it works

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Digital Gold Mission

We believe in the digital transformation of B2B. We help companies to get digital fast, with ease, and without risk.

We foster  high quality of goods and services on the platform .

Initial strategic sectors to be present on the platform are:





Real Estate





Those sectors together will allow a good mix of goods and guarantee a relevant number of transactions.

Who We Are

Digital Gold is the first ready-to-go solution for the digital transformation of B2B businesses: An exclusive marketplace for B2B sales and procurement, speeding up the acquisition of customers, and enabling secure, cost-effective transactions via Smart Contracts. The e-commerce platform with the peace of mind of a one-stop-shop.


Solving the Digital Challenge

Digital leaders outgrow their competition lagging behind. Becoming a member of Digital Gold, you will master the Digital Transition. The marketplace is designed to solve the challenges of modern B2B trading: customer acquisition costs, speed, reliability, and a trusted network.

Golden Coins Create Value

The Golden Coin Token facilitates the purchase of goods and services offered in the marketplace. The token reduces the costs and time of transactions and makes them trustworthy and secure.  Members holding Tokens benefit from the increased purchase power over time.

E-commerce with Ease

The Digital Gold e-commerce Platform is unique in its convenience, user-friendly tools, and quick set-up. It allows creating a digital customer experience without investment into time and resources. Both seller and buyer benefit from huge efficiency gains.


Digital Gold has a strong team of professionals that are committed to creating a maximum of value for the customers and to delivering at highest quality levels. The experience of the team includes strategy, digital transformation, B2B trade, SaaS platform development, sales,  marketing and financial services.

Davide Malaguti

Founder & Investor

Eros Malaguti

Market Protocols

Alessandro Moschetti

Project Leader

Mauro Andriotto


Stefan Oglesby


Patricia Wintrebert

Head of Marketing

Pierpaolo Foderà

Chief Technical Officer

Luca Marzotto

Blockchain Manager

Domenico Barra

Blockchain + Technology Stack

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Roadmap and Milestones

Commissioned Tech Solution Study
Q1 2020
Start of Platform Development
Q2 2020
Mobile App
Q3 2020
Design and Coding of Token
Q3 2020
Wise Members Club Established
Q4 2020
Test Transaction on Platform
Q1 2021
Virtual Shop Functionality
Q3 2021
Fully Functioning Platform
Q4 2021
Launch of Italian Market
Q2 2022
Launch of DACH (Germany, Switzerland, Austria) Market
Q3 2022
Launch of B2E model
Q4 2019
Business Model Study
Q2 2020
Completion of Blockchain Selection
Q2 2020
Design and Coding of Escrow SC
Q3 2020
Design of Centralized DB
Q4 2020
MVP ready
Q1 2021
Start of Ops Betwen Wise Founders
Q2 2021
Opening to End-Users
Q4 2021
Onboarding first regular members
Q1 2022
First 100 regular members
Q3 2022
First appreciation of Golden Coin Token
Q4 2022